Anna Miklashevich

Giclee prints of almost every oil painting are available and is a signed high-quality giclee print of my original oil painting, the certificate of authenticity is included.

More about print quality:
• Scanning • All my oil paintings are scanned with the professional Cruse scanner. This is the only scanner that is capable to reproduce a copy that is equal to the original. Copy looks like original that you will see the difference only by lying finger on the copy. Yes, there is no relief, like is on original oil painting but eyes will see as it is. 
• Printing&paper • All my prints are matched giclée quality.
Giclée is print that meets at least three criteria: they have 300 PPI resolution, made on archival, acid-free, optical brighteners free paper, pigment inks can last from 100 to 200 years (museum quality). Also, are printed used 12 colors on fine art matt 200g heavyweight paper.

• Size • usually the first print of a new painting I made is 1:1 to original size. Also, it is possible to print the print twice larger. 

• Limited or Open Edition• almost all prints are limited edition. See details in the description of paintings

Watch the video below how I make giclee prints.