Anna Miklashevich

«Anna sees the colors of emotions and interprets them as expressive as she feels. She tells stories on canvases and paints to see the reality of feelings, not just by receiving information through eyes, but by inputs of everyday life challenges. Then there are large canvases to evoke these feelings for others to see. To emphasize and enlarge them – meanings and importance of the inner process of every being. Deep eyes, smooth and bright lines of cheeks and faces, all these are on a big scale, big as human life is. Nowadays she paints portraits, those do not belong to any concrete person, like an emotion that does not belong to everyone. And these portraits are her new beginning. She paints mostly women, gentle and bright. She is in the process of understanding whether these portraits are self-portraits or portraits of unknown women». 


Neza Pavsic,

art-curator, culturologist