The key to your future successful painting is your willingness to create it and my method of teaching that I've been improving for the last 10 years guiding more than 1000 offline and online classes in Kyiv and Dnipro, Moskow, Amsterdam, Ljubljana etc.    

I'm here to help you to develop your creativity and sense of beauty, learning how to paint with easiness but at the same time working as a real artist and achieving apparent results. 

While painting, you're empowering your ability to be an artist. For me, it means being an artist not only in a studio but also to be an artist of own life. 

It's so a wonderful thing to share.

It takes 1-2 classes to complete your own oil painting of your choice. Yes, you will choose the plot of the painting. 

Duration of the class: 5 hours. Sometimes, depends on a task, a class can be divided into 2 parts.  

Location: staro mestno jedro Ljubljane, Slovenia. 

What is included: professional materials for creating a real oil painting: stretched canvas 50x70-60x80 (depends on the type of the painting), high-quality oil paints, liquids, and all the instruments. My students use the same materials as I do. 

As a result, you will have a real oil painting that you will take home. 

Notice that it may take a full week or more for oil paintings to dry, so you can leave your painting to dry in my studio or you can take it with you, but very carefully. 

Cost of the class.  

  • 2-3 person class: 150 EUR/person.
  • personal class: 200 EUR/person. 

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If you want to order the class in your city/country or if you want to organize the intensive classes in your accommodation, please, do not hesitate to contact me 

Gift certificates are available.  

Languages of teaching: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Slovenian.

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