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Artist's Statement

Woman’s portrait is the most affecting and speaking topic for me. Though the passion for exploring the feminine theme and collecting stories of successful and empowered women appeared much earlier than I was interested in painting. I was reflecting on the role of a woman from the first conscious years all my life. I see a lot of women who are underestimated, who play not their role. Withal I believe in the endless power of women and in our common strength and influence, brightness, and resoluteness

I seek to empower other women not only with strokes and colors but also with the names of the paintings and words I attach to every painting: “Antifragile”, “Flow”, “Empowered”, “It’s so easy to enjoy”, “Unwavering”, etc.

I have always liked to paint large and colorful portraits. Pure colors for me are the best materials to express pure states. All my life I see relationships between people or people’s states as colors. If I cannot describe something just with words I would definitely describe it with colors or with both.

Large canvases became a perfect space to evoke all that I explored and reflected to enlarge it and paint it for others to see. Oil paints have also become the first love of painting for me. Once I tried using them I felt their endless plasticity, a plethora of attempts that they give to an artist, the ability to reincarnate, playing a role as oils or watercolors, and, finally its grandeur worthy of museums, which seems impossible to achieve.