• Full-time artist, art entrepreneur (10+ years);

• Oil painting teacher, mentor (1000+ classes);

• Ukrainian, based in Slovenia;

• Marathoner, vegan;

• Master's Degree in Public Relations Management, Arts & Cultural Management:  Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine - 2008 / With Honours;

• School of Architecture and Art, Dnipro, Ukraine - 2003 /  With Honours;

• The Cycle: Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations Course / The University of Maryland, College Park - 2020;

• Member of the International Art Alliance, New York;

• Member of Art Association Cinober Idrija, Slovenia.

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Artist's Statement

«Be the artist. No matter what. Be the artist so steadfastly as if you could change the world»

My work as an artist is an adventure in self-discovery. I paint as a way of talking to myself so as not to arouse suspicion. 

What colours and textures does life paint on my canvas? What am I worrying about today? Am I experiencing discrimination? Or, am I maybe discriminating against someone?

If I don't personally feel inequality, does it mean that there is no inequality? What is feminism? Do I want to speak out about the role of women? How can I do this effectively? How do I express myself so that I can be heard?

I write prose. When I want to speak louder, I start to paint a new portrait that manifests my thoughts. Then I gather those paintings in the collection that make a statement about my ideas. 

I argue and agree and argue with myself again and again. And with a new thought or question, I get to work again.