Solo exhibitions
  • 2019
    Alice In The Real World / Saint Barbara Gallery - Idrija, Slovenia

Group exhibitions

  • 2022
    Broken Mirrors / Milostka Center for Exhibitions - Washington, United States

    No borders to equality / ZRC - Ljubljana, Slovenia

    In Ukraine / ZRC - Ljubljana, Slovenia

    By Virtue or Despite of / Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, United States

    • 2019
      The International Fall Exhibition / MoRA - New Jersey, United States

    Dialogues of Imagination, Contemporary Art by American And Eastern European Artists / Tenri Gallery - New York, United States

  • 2019
    ARTBOX.TALENT SHOW IT!, digital project / The Artbox Gallery - Zurich, Switzerland

  • 2019
    Biennale / Magazin Gallery - Idrija, Slovenia

  • 2019
    Play Your Part / Tenri Gallery - New York, United States

  • 2019
    Artbasel Artweek, ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0 / Artbasel Artweeks - Miami, United States

  • 2018
    Extempore Cinober / Saint Barbara Gallery - Idrija, Slovenia


2023 - Book cover of Sensual Faith: The Art of Coming Home to Your Body by Lyvonne Briggs, publishing house Penguin House

Culturallyarts- Broken Mirrors Exhibition Catalog

Damijan Bogataj - 33 paintings of Anna Miklashevich will be shown tonight at the gallery

Group exhibition - Dialogues of Imagination / Tenri Gallery - New York, 2019

Curators' reviews

«Anna sees the colors of emotions and interprets them as expressive as she feels. She tells stories on canvases and paints to see the reality of feelings, not just by receiving information through her eyes but by inputs of everyday life challenges.

Then there are large canvases to evoke these feelings for others to see. To emphasize and enlarge them – meanings and importance of the internal process of every being. Deep eyes, smooth and bright lines of cheeks, and faces are all on a big scale, as big as human life.

Nowadays, she paints portraits that do not belong to any concrete person, like an emotion that does not belong to everyone. And these portraits are her new beginning. She paints women, gently and brightly primarily. She is in the process of understanding whether these portraits are self-portraits or portraits of unknown women». 

Neza Pavsic

art-curator, culturologist


Group exhibition - Play Your Part / Tenri Gallery - New York, 2019

«I’d been observing Anna’s artworks and her activity for a long time before I invited her to become a member of Art Alliance New York and to participate in one of the exhibitions we organize.

Anna’s approach to work and her life position, her pedagogical activity, and her attitude to the role of an artist in the modern world, in combination with her unordinary artistic talent and painter’s skills, put together such a diverse puzzle, and I find it quite an exciting combination.

Talent in the visual arts and a creative vision combined with a business approach to artists’ work are scarce. Anna possesses these unique features that create harmony within her life.

Her artworks are full of energy, and the palette of colors, like a life’s statement, impresses with saturation and courage. Anna chose women’s characters as the main topic of her artworks. Various characters, stories, and destinies flash in front of viewers. They engage and bewitch, enticing with a desire to unravel the intrigue of the heroines' lives and the artist. Expressiveness, dynamics, expression, and philosophy are equal in Anna's paintings, which undoubtedly attract the attention of curators and collectors.

During 2019 Anna exhibited her paintings in 4 exhibitions of Art Alliance, including exhibitions in galleries in New York City and the exhibition of contemporary art in the Museum of Contemporary Eastern European Art in Jersey City, New Jersey. Anna’s portraits of women have already caused great public interest and excitement during all art shows and exhibitions, which is only the beginning». 

Tatyana Borodina 


Founder of International Art Alliance

United States

  • Personal exhibition - Alice In The Real World / Saint Barbara Gallery - Idrija, Slovenia, 2019