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My work as an artist is egoistic. I paint for self-studying and self-identification. 

It is a way of talking to myself so as not to arouse suspicion. 

What colors of the strokes does life paint on my canvas? What am I worrying about today? Am I being discriminated against? Or maybe I'm discriminating against someone?

If I don't feel inequality, does it mean that there is no inequality? What is feminism? Do I want to speak out about the role of women? How to do this effectively? How do I say so that I can be heard?

I write lyrics. When I want to speak louder, I start to paint a new portrait that becomes manifest. Then I gather paintings in the collection that becomes a temporary conclusion about some problem I am researching now. 

I agree and argue with myself again. And with new conclusions, I get to work again

Dimensions 60x70cm ≈ 24x28"
Technique Oil painting on canvas.
Shipping Free worldwide shipping.
Certificate A certificate of authenticity is included.
Other details On a supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Covered with a protective varnish to prevent it from dust, sunlight, and losing brightness for a long time.
Gift A free giclee print of 50x70/60x80cm of your choice is included.
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