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The whole world is watching how the Ukrainian nation is rallying to resist the aggressor and defend its own land and independence.

When someone asks me if my people are safe, I don't know how to answer, because "my people" are a lot of people; my relatives, friends and acquaintances, art students, and colleagues.  And, among them are not only people but also animals, who suffer even more than people during wartime. When I felt that the pain of war in my heart had increased so much that I could not even cry, I realised that the strength of faith in my people had grown so much that it must be remembered. From this pain and strength of faith in my people arose the portrait of Evgenia Poberezhna an artist I am proud to know.  From the Kyiv region, her artistry and talent have inspired me.  Evgenia, a lady of great kindness and grace, cares lovingly for her large family including animals from the shelter. For me, she stands for the spirit of all Ukrainians.  

Ukraine will withstand this unwarranted aggression and win thanks to the Ukrainian spirit, whose wings can never be broken, and thanks to the people all over the world who stand with us.

Dimensions 100x70cm ≈ 39x28"
Technique Oil painting on canvas.
Shipping Free worldwide shipping.
Certificate A certificate of authenticity is included.
Other details On a supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Covered with a protective varnish to prevent it from dust, sunlight, and losing brightness for a long time.
Gift A free giclee print of 50x70/60x80cm of your choice is included.
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